Hardware Characteristics

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Storage: 250GB to 40TB 250GB to 20TB 2TB (Stackable)
RAID: All Models 500GB or Larger Some Models All Models
CPU: Up to Dual Quad Core Up to Dual Quad Core Up to Dual Quad Core
Memory: 8 to 96GB 4 to 24GB 14GB Per 2TB
Operating System: Linux Linux Linux
Form factor: Desktop and Rackmount Desktop and Rackmount Rackmount Only
Hardware Manufacturer: Datto HP White Box
Warranty: 3 Years Included in Monthly Fee 3 Years

Local Backup

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Backup Technology: ShadowSnap R-Diff Proprietary
Open File Copy Technology: VSS and/or STC VSS VSS
Backup Type: Image Based File Based Image Based
Windows OS Support: Windows 2000 through
Windows 7
Windows XP through
Windows 7
Windows XP through
Windows 7
Backup File Format: VMDK Proprietary Proprietary
Storage Method: Inverse Chain Technology File Chain File Chain
Minimum Backup Interval: 5 Minutes 15 Minutes Less than 5 minutes
Server Support: Yes Yes Yes
Workstation Support: Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Machine Support: Yes Yes Yes
Exchange Backup: Yes Yes Yes
SQL Backup: Yes Yes Yes
Open File Backup: Yes Yes Yes
Access Control Lists (ACLs) Support: Yes Yes (Disabled By Default) Yes
Compression: Yes Yes Yes
Data Deduplication: Yes No No
Push Install: Yes Yes No
Mac Support: Yes (TimeMachine) Yes No
Linux Support: In Development Yes No

Local Virtualization

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Built in Hypervisor: VirtualBox Xen VirtualBox
Conversion Required to Virtualize: No Yes Yes
Time to Virtualize (500GB Server): Under 30 Seconds Minutes Hours
VM Export: VMDK, VHD No No
Virtualization Sandbox: Yes Yes Yes
Automated Virtualization Tests: Yes No No
Screenshot Bootability Verification: Yes No No
Backup while virtualized: Yes No Yes

Local Restore

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
File Restore: Web + SMB SMB SMB
Direct VM Export: VMWare, Hyper-V, VirtualBox None None
Bare Metal Restore (BMR): Yes Yes Yes
Restore to dissimilar hardware: Yes Yes Yes
BMR Environment Network Boot (web) Windows PE Windows PE
BMR Local Driver Injection Yes Yes Yes
BMR Remote Driver Injection Yes No No
BMR to Smaller Disk Size : Yes No No

Off-Site Storage

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Number of Facilities (US): 2 1 1 (Optional 2nd)
Cloud Infrastructure: Datto Unknown 3rd Party
Bandwidth Limit: No No 3 Megabit
Unique Encryption per Customer: Yes Yes No
Encryption Type: AES256 AES256 AES256
Data Integrity Checks: Continuous No No
SAS 70 Type II Rated: Yes Yes Yes
Archiving: 1 Year No Optional
Compression: Yes Yes Yes
Off-Site Virtualization: Yes Yes No

Off-Site Seeding

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Required: No Yes Yes
Method: Vendor Supplied USB Drive or
Customer Supplied SATA Drive
Customer Supplied USB Drive Customer Supplied SATA Drive
Shipping Costs: Covered By Vendor Customer Responsible Customer Responsible
Turn around time: 1 Week Guarantee Varies 4 to 6 Weeks
Encrypted Seed Drives Optional No No

Off-Site Virtualization

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Virtualization Time (500 GB): Under 30 Seconds Hours Unknown
Off-Site Virtualization Cost: Free /w Off-site Backup Additional Monthly Fee Additional Fee
VM Limit Per Customer: Unlimited Unknown Unknown
Public IP's Available: Unlimited Unknown Unknown
Virtual Firewall: Yes Unknown Unknown
Virtual Router: Yes Unknown Unknown
VPN Options: OpenVPN, IPSec Unknown Unknown
Complex Network Support: Yes Unknown Unknown

Pricing Models

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Contracts: None One Year Minimum Not Required
BDR Platform: Yes Yes
HaaS Offering: Yes Yes
Initial Hardware Investment: Yes No

Customer Support

Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Regular Hours: 8am to 12am (EST) M-F 9am to 8pm (EST) M-F 24/7/365
Data Center Locations: Reading, PA
Salt Lake City, UT
Eastern Canada
Lenore, NC
Hagerstown, MD
Denver, CO
Emergency Support: 24/7/365 9am to 8pm (EST) M-F
Excluding Holidays
Priority Levels: Emergency - Within 1 Hour
Urgent - Within 1 Hour
High - Within 4 Hours
Normal - Within 6 Hours
Low - Within 10 Hours
High - Within 4 Hours
Normal - Within 8 Hours
Low - Within 12 Hours
Emergency - 30 Minutes
Medium - 3 Hours
Low - 24 Hours
Ticket Support: Yes Yes Yes
Email Support: Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support: Yes Yes Yes
Online Chat: No No Yes
Support Location: USA USA Foreign


Datto (SIRIS) Axcient Zenith (MirrorCloud)
Offices: 101 Merrit 7
Norwalk, CT 06851
2761 Marine Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
One Williamsburg Place
Suite 111, Mail Stop 5
Warrendale, PA 15086
Founded: 2007 2007 1996
Financing: Self (Profitable) Venture Capital (33.5 Million) Bonds
Chief Executive: Austin McChord Justin Moore Akash Saraf